I've been pretty quiet on here for a while (more so than normal). I tend to spend a lot of time riding my bike during the summer months.


Tomorrow, I've been tasked with taking some drone photos. Our regular drone pilot is away on paternity leave. I've never flown a drone before, so I've just taken it outside for a rehearsal flight. IMHO, the hardest part of flying a drone is figuring out how to switch the bloody thing on! Also, the DJI Mini 3 is an incredible bit of technology.


Happy to read/hear that OggCamp is returning after a 5 year hiatus. The calendar has been marked for October 12th and 13th 2024.


The day job has disabled OpenVPN connections in favour of using IKEv2. Took me a minute to get it working under Debian using strongSwan. VPN vendor provided zero instructions for Linux, however Windows and macOS set-up instructions were well documented, naturally.

dayjob gnome vpn

Sat in a coffee shop this afternoon in Nottingham and I counted 8 laptops being used by customers, 7 of them were MacBooks. I'm not sure this has any significance, but I thought it was interesting. The other laptop was a HP.


Today marks 2 months of using Windows 11 exclusively. I've been using it for a work project and I've not used my Linux desktop machine once in that time. I really missed GNOME when I started using Windows, but as the weeks have gone on, I've found Windows to be a more than capable alternative. Not sure if it is related, but I recently received an email from Satan in which he was bemoaning the cold weather he has been experiencing of late.

linux windows

So, Apple have decided they will not kill PWA support on iOS devices after all. This is good news. I'll still be switching to a Google Pixel device.

android apple pwa

I've been thinking about switching to an Android phone for a while. Thing is, I've not pulled the trigger on this as I've been pretty happy with my iPhone -- it generally just works. Apple's recent shenanigans around PWA support has cemented my decision that my next phone will be a Google Pixel device.

android apple pwa

Struggling to find a RSS reader for Windows that I like. Fluent Reader comes close, but it's not quite there. I use NewsFlash with my GNOME desktop and I really like it. I've been thinking about writing my own feed reader. I mostly think about this when I'm using Fluent Reader.

rss windows

Listening to the Vergecast 'How AI will change phones — and the whole internet'. Has an interesting interview with The Browser Company’s CEO about Arc browser. I'm interested to give Arc a try and I've signed up for the Windows wait list.

ai arc podcasts

Just purchased Black Mesa on Steam, it's currently got 80% off and is selling for £2.99. Looking forward to reliving the Half-Life experience.

games steam

Upgraded a busy Debian web server last Thursday night and so far I've only received one reported issue. Not bad considering the amount of old PHP applications this thing runs. I was expecting a busy weekend fixing issues, but it never happened. I did spend a while testing everything before the upgrade, so that probably helped.

debian php

Today, I've mostly been head scratching over an issue with some PHP code, turns out the problem was due to the date getting out of sync in WSL2. I think this happens when I put my laptop to sleep?! Anyhow, I've installed the ntpsec package which immediately fixed the issue. Will keep an eye on it.

ntp php wsl

How many times do you run a specific set of shell commands, before you create a script to automate the process? Sometimes, I think I wait far too long.

bash linux

I've performed a clean install of Windows 11 23H2 on my Razer Blade 15 and spent a while setting up a dev environment with WSL (Debian). It's early days, but it seems to be performing a lot better than before. Recent hardware upgrades (2TB NVMe SDD and 64GB RAM) may have helped with performance. I'm actually enjoying using Windows for a change, mostly, but I'm keeping my Linux machine close by, just in case I feel like rage quitting.

windows wsl

Philip Newborough and a donkey enjoying a beer.


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