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Explore the versatility of Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system. Find out how our latest Windows OS gives you more ways to work, play and create.

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Today marks 2 months of using Windows 11 exclusively. I've been using it for a work project and I've not used my Linux desktop machine once in that time. I really missed GNOME when I started using Windows, but as the weeks have gone on, I've found Windows to be a more than capable alternative. Not sure if it is related, but I recently received an email from Satan in which he was bemoaning the cold weather he has been experiencing of late.

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Struggling to find a RSS reader for Windows that I like. Fluent Reader comes close, but it's not quite there. I use NewsFlash with my GNOME desktop and I really like it. I've been thinking about writing my own feed reader. I mostly think about this when I'm using Fluent Reader.

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I've performed a clean install of Windows 11 23H2 on my Razer Blade 15 and spent a while setting up a dev environment with WSL (Debian). It's early days, but it seems to be performing a lot better than before. Recent hardware upgrades (2TB NVMe SDD and 64GB RAM) may have helped with performance. I'm actually enjoying using Windows for a change, mostly, but I'm keeping my Linux machine close by, just in case I feel like rage quitting.

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Running Fedora 39 on my Razer Blade 15 and it's almost silent with very little fan noise. Running Windows 11 on the same machine and it sounds like a Boeing 747 on takeoff. WTF is that about?

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Updated the "suggested" Intel driver and now Bluetooth isn't working at all. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a little harsh with my hatred of Windows, then shit like this happens and it reminds me that my feelings are somewhat justified.

Windows Device Manager showing broken Bluetooth.

intel windows

Excited to see an Intel Bluetooth driver update for my Razer Blade 15. The Bluetooth on this device has generally been pretty poor with dropped connections etc. Anyhow, super dissappointed when I bothered to read the release notes. Seems like a total waste of a PDF file, not sure why they even bother.

Screenshot of Intel's Release Notes showing a not very helpful note.

intel windows

Philip Newborough and a donkey enjoying a beer.


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