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First domain transferred over to use Mythic Beasts nameservers, DNS and email. First time using their control panel and I'm pretty impressed with it. Will try and move another domain tonight.

hosting mythicbeasts

I created my Mythic Beasts account well over a month ago, but I haven't managed to move any domains across to it yet. Will try and rectify that this week.

hosting mythicbeasts

This afternoon I've been playing with PHP and GD to dynamically create Open Graph images. I then moved a website from a shared host to a VPS -- the VPS is proper quick in comparison.

dayjob hosting opengraph php

I've created an account with Mythic Beasts. I just need to make a plan for moving a bunch of sites over to their servers. I'm thinking that I'll start with a test domain so that I can orientate myself with their systems.

hosting mythicbeasts


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Philip Newborough and a donkey enjoying a beer.


My name is and I’m a full stack web developer living and working in Lincoln, England. This website ( serves as my personal homepage. When I’m not working with tech, I love to ride bicycles with my wife and friends.