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Tomorrow, I've been tasked with taking some drone photos. Our regular drone pilot is away on paternity leave. I've never flown a drone before, so I've just taken it outside for a rehearsal flight. IMHO, the hardest part of flying a drone is figuring out how to switch the bloody thing on! Also, the DJI Mini 3 is an incredible bit of technology.


The day job has disabled OpenVPN connections in favour of using IKEv2. Took me a minute to get it working under Debian using strongSwan. VPN vendor provided zero instructions for Linux, however Windows and macOS set-up instructions were well documented, naturally.

dayjob gnome vpn

I'm covering support today and it looks like there might be a drive failure on one of our SQL servers. Almost entirely sure that I cannot fix this remotely.


My team at work was awarded some cash for being awesome, so we spent the money wisely and invested in a Street Fighter 2 Capcom Legacy Championship Edition Cabinet for the office.

Arcade1Up Street Fighter 2 Capcom Legacy Championship Edition Cabinet

dayjob games

Fixing another old site to run without errors under PHP 8.2. Mostly seeing notices about dynamic properties, so nothing too bad so far.

dayjob php

Updating a PWA to include a Net Promoter Score input. I had no idea what a NPS was, so I'm educating myself with the help of Wikipedia. Apparently it's a market research metric used to predict business growth. It's a proprietary instrument (whatever that means) and there is a registered NPS trademark. It is also favoured by business types and criticised by academics who question its reliability as a tool to predict business growth. Hmm.

dayjob pwa

Updating a PWA, I only tend to touch this app's code once or twice a year. It takes longer for me to re-familiarise myself with the code than it does to write the update.

dayjob pwa

Batch converting Word documents to PDF files using headless LibreOffice. The process is quick, simple and works really well, apart from when the author uses some weird Word layout options.


Intranet page load times down from ~0.75 seconds to ~0.005 seconds. The speed difference is noticeable and I'm pretty happy with that. I wonder if any users will notice the difference?


Profiling, benchmarking and optimising our intranet. The page load times are pretty slow due to Active Directory integration and conditional content loading based on departments and security groups. I'm targeting the 2 most popular (according to stats) pages to begin with. I'm thinking there is potential for considerable time efficiency savings.




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Philip Newborough and a donkey enjoying a beer.


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