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How to set-up a crontab file

In Linux, Cron is a daemon/service that executes shell commands periodically on a given schedule. Cron is driven by a crontab, a configuration file that holds details of what commands are to be run along with a timetable of when to run them. Knowing how to use Cron is key to mastering automation with Linux.

automation cron linux

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Taking a look at my old Google Reader export from ~2013 and a few things stand out. Firstly, there are very few HTTPS URLs. Secondly, I'm still interested in exactly the same topics. Lastly, many of the feeds simply don't exist anymore.


Listening to Linux Downtime episode 86 - the hosts have some interesting thoughts about nerd flex and programming languages. PHP gets a pretty rough ride, which I think can be attributed to the host's ignorance. Personally, I love PHP and I know there are many PHP developers out there who feel the same -- the PHP community on Mastodon is awesome.

php podcasts

Sometimes, when I lock and unlock my computer, only 2 of my 3 screens return/work. I have to repeat the procedure (lock and unlock) before all 3 return to a working state. Anyway, first day back at work after a long weekend. Sometimes it can take a while to get back into the swing of things, just like my monitors.


Taking a look at Thunderbird mail client. It's been a good few years since I've used Thunderbird and I'm loving the look and feel of Supernova. I can see me using this as my default mail client again.

mozilla thunderbird

Working on a website that will be 20 years old next month. TBH, it looks 20 years old and so does the code. Maybe I'll convince the owner to update/rewrite it at some point. That said, it works just fine, so I wouldn't blame them if they kept it as is for another 20 years.


First domain transferred over to use Mythic Beasts nameservers, DNS and email. First time using their control panel and I'm pretty impressed with it. Will try and move another domain tonight.

hosting mythicbeasts

Doing some digital housework, backing up old git repositories, removing long dead sites/domains etc. It's a little sad to see old projects being archived, but I learned long ago about how ephemeral these things can be.


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