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So, Apple have decided they will not kill PWA support on iOS devices after all. This is good news. I'll still be switching to a Google Pixel device.

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I've been thinking about switching to an Android phone for a while. Thing is, I've not pulled the trigger on this as I've been pretty happy with my iPhone -- it generally just works. Apple's recent shenanigans around PWA support has cemented my decision that my next phone will be a Google Pixel device.

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Updating a PWA to include a Net Promoter Score input. I had no idea what a NPS was, so I'm educating myself with the help of Wikipedia. Apparently it's a market research metric used to predict business growth. It's a proprietary instrument (whatever that means) and there is a registered NPS trademark. It is also favoured by business types and criticised by academics who question its reliability as a tool to predict business growth. Hmm.

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Updating a PWA, I only tend to touch this app's code once or twice a year. It takes longer for me to re-familiarise myself with the code than it does to write the update.

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Philip Newborough and a donkey enjoying a beer.


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