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A popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development. Fast, flexible and pragmatic, PHP powers everything from your blog to the most popular websites in the world.

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Upgraded a busy Debian web server last Thursday night and so far I've only received one reported issue. Not bad considering the amount of old PHP applications this thing runs. I was expecting a busy weekend fixing issues, but it never happened. I did spend a while testing everything before the upgrade, so that probably helped.

debian php

Today, I've mostly been head scratching over an issue with some PHP code, turns out the problem was due to the date getting out of sync in WSL2. I think this happens when I put my laptop to sleep?! Anyhow, I've installed the ntpsec package which immediately fixed the issue. Will keep an eye on it.

ntp php wsl

Listening to Linux Downtime episode 86 - the hosts have some interesting thoughts about nerd flex and programming languages. PHP gets a pretty rough ride, which I think can be attributed to the host's ignorance. Personally, I love PHP and I know there are many PHP developers out there who feel the same -- the PHP community on Mastodon is awesome.

php podcasts

Fixing another old site to run without errors under PHP 8.2. Mostly seeing notices about dynamic properties, so nothing too bad so far.

dayjob php

Fixing bugs that only appear in the development environment because the error reporting is verbose. There must have been a change to the error reporting levels on the development server since this code was last worked on.

dayjob php

This afternoon I've been playing with PHP and GD to dynamically create Open Graph images. I then moved a website from a shared host to a VPS -- the VPS is proper quick in comparison.

dayjob hosting opengraph php

Starting my day by converting a small CodeIgniter 3 app to CodeIgniter 4. It's a microservice and it only has 2 routes and 2 controllers, so it should be a quick win.

codeigniter dayjob php

Replacing some manually installed PHP libraries with Composer dependencies. I'm sure they were only ever installed manually as a stopgap, but I can't help think it would have been cleaner and possibly easier to use Composer in the first place.

composer dayjob php

Looking at an old version of Dompdf and considering if I should update it, or switch the app to use a service built with Puppeteer or similar. I'm thinking Puppeteer might provide faster PDF renders.

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Philip Newborough and a donkey enjoying a beer.


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