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Debian Linux, founded in 1993, is a robust open-source operating system with a focus on stability and security. It boasts a vast repository of software packages maintained by a dedicated community. Known for its commitment to free software principles, Debian is widely used in servers and desktops, providing a versatile and reliable platform.

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Upgraded a busy Debian web server last Thursday night and so far I've only received one reported issue. Not bad considering the amount of old PHP applications this thing runs. I was expecting a busy weekend fixing issues, but it never happened. I did spend a while testing everything before the upgrade, so that probably helped.

debian php

I recently read a toot from someone who was frustrated with Ubuntu because of snapd and was asking for recommendations for other Debian based distributions. Why was Debian itself not the obvious choice?

debian linux ubuntu

Giving the Firefox Nightly .deb package a spin. I normally just download the binary and set-up my own .desktop file etc, so it's nice that Mozilla are providing this option now. I'm hoping that now I'm not using a Nvidia display driver, Firefox runs a bit better.

Firefox Nightly (installed via Mozilla's .deb package) running under Debian Bookworm.

debian firefox linux

Giving Fedora 39 a try in a virtual machine. It looks and feels like another solid release. If I wasn't a Debian user, I'd be a Fedora user, no doubt.

debian fedora linux

Installed Debian on my new ThinkPad T14s tonight. Everything seems to be working nicely and it definitely feels like a good upgrade over my old T470s. Geekbench results:

T470s: 1242 single-core - 2592 multi-core
T14s: 2427 single-core - 10519 multi-core

TBH, the numbers don't mean much to me, other than being a metric to justify the investment in new hardware. Anyhow, I think I'm going to enjoy this device.

debian laptop linux

Philip Newborough and a donkey enjoying a beer.


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