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How to set-up a crontab file

In Linux, Cron is a daemon/service that executes shell commands periodically on a given schedule. Cron is driven by a crontab, a configuration file that holds details of what commands are to be run along with a timetable of when to run them. Knowing how to use Cron is key to mastering automation with Linux.

automation cron linux


Today marks 2 months of using Windows 11 exclusively. I've been using it for a work project and I've not used my Linux desktop machine once in that time. I really missed GNOME when I started using Windows, but as the weeks have gone on, I've found Windows to be a more than capable alternative. Not sure if it is related, but I recently received an email from Satan in which he was bemoaning the cold weather he has been experiencing of late.

linux windows

How many times do you run a specific set of shell commands, before you create a script to automate the process? Sometimes, I think I wait far too long.

bash linux

Running Fedora 39 on my Razer Blade 15 and it's almost silent with very little fan noise. Running Windows 11 on the same machine and it sounds like a Boeing 747 on takeoff. WTF is that about?

fedora linux windows

Looking at an AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT as a replacement for my NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super. I hear AMD cards are better supported under Linux, but I've only ever had NVIDIA cards, so I've got no clue myself. Any AMD users out there want to testify?

amd gpu linux nvidia

I recently read a toot from someone who was frustrated with Ubuntu because of snapd and was asking for recommendations for other Debian based distributions. Why was Debian itself not the obvious choice?

debian linux ubuntu

Deleting session files and pushing the limits of rm: exec: Failed to execute process '/usr/bin/rm': the total size of the argument list and exported variables (5.5MB) exceeds the OS limit of 2MB.

dayjob linux

Giving the Firefox Nightly .deb package a spin. I normally just download the binary and set-up my own .desktop file etc, so it's nice that Mozilla are providing this option now. I'm hoping that now I'm not using a Nvidia display driver, Firefox runs a bit better.

Firefox Nightly (installed via Mozilla's .deb package) running under Debian Bookworm.

debian firefox linux

Just configured fingerprint authentication on my ThinkPad T14s under Debian and it worked first time. The device is listed as '27c6:6594 Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co.,Ltd. Goodix USB2.0 MISC'.

laptop linux security thinkpad

Every time I remove a Linode from my pool and the IP address is assigned to another Linode customer, I receive an early warning report from the National Cyber Security Centre about potential security vulnerabilities on the customer's new server. I'm thinking there is a potential business opportunity here.

linode linux security



Philip Newborough and a donkey enjoying a beer.


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