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Listening to the Vergecast 'How AI will change phones — and the whole internet'. Has an interesting interview with The Browser Company’s CEO about Arc browser. I'm interested to give Arc a try and I've signed up for the Windows wait list.

ai arc podcasts

Reading about the Dropbox AI shenanigans makes me wonder about my files in Microsoft's OneDrive, especially given their recent AI fervour. I use the Insync Linux client on Debian to sync files with my OneDrive account and it works really well, but maybe it is time to consider some alternatives.

ai dropbox insync microsoft onedrive

Playing with the Codeium VS Code extension. The AI code suggestions seem pretty good, but it's not overly quick and I'm not sure how useful I'd find it for real world use. I've uninstalled it for now, but may take another look at some point in the future.

ai codeium vscode

Asking AI to draw a man with a big beard thumping his fists on his desk and yelling "SYSTEMD" in the style of a 2000ad comic, on behalf of a friend.

AI generated image of a man with a big beard thumping his fists on his desk and yelling

ai linux

Philip Newborough and a donkey enjoying a beer.


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