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Fixing bugs that only appear in the development environment because the error reporting is verbose. There must have been a change to the error reporting levels on the development server since this code was last worked on.

dayjob php

This afternoon I've been playing with PHP and GD to dynamically create Open Graph images. I then moved a website from a shared host to a VPS -- the VPS is proper quick in comparison.

dayjob hosting opengraph php

This morning I am mostly writing SQL queries for reports. I've also converted values in a db table column from plain text to json strings to allow for multiple values. Feels a bit hacky, but works ok. Should probably create another table at some point.

dayjob json sql

Starting my day by converting a small CodeIgniter 3 app to CodeIgniter 4. It's a microservice and it only has 2 routes and 2 controllers, so it should be a quick win.

codeigniter dayjob php

Replacing some manually installed PHP libraries with Composer dependencies. I'm sure they were only ever installed manually as a stopgap, but I can't help think it would have been cleaner and possibly easier to use Composer in the first place.

composer dayjob php

Deleting session files and pushing the limits of rm: exec: Failed to execute process '/usr/bin/rm': the total size of the argument list and exported variables (5.5MB) exceeds the OS limit of 2MB.

dayjob linux

Trying to get an old PHP application updated to work with PHP 8.2. I'm hitting a bunch of errors and I'm working my way through them, slowly.

dayjob php

Philip Newborough and a donkey enjoying a beer.


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